Orchestrating Teaching & Learning with D&D’s Quartet of Presentation Technology

1. Promethean Interactive Display
Promethean, the best mobile or wall-mounted interactive displays and software for K-12 education. Connect to the teacher’s laptop and switch between computer and document camera views. 

2. IPEVO Document Camera
Powerful and light-weight document camera to enlarge books, images, and 3-D objects.
Turn small books into big books! 

3. Lightspeed Topcat Instructional Audio
All-in-one ceiling-mounted amplifier and speaker connected to a wireless teacher microphone with neck lanyard and hand-held microphone for student use. Evenly distribute the teachers voice for all students and elevate teaching and learning across the classroom!

4. D&D’s Mobile Presentation Station
The 21st century teacher desk with pneumatic sit/stand adjustable-height with pop-up powered outlet and wire management trough. Available with task stool.
Conduct teaching and learning with a connected LED display, laptop computer, document camera, and instructional audio system from this workstation. This presentation station was designed by D&D Learning Spaces based on our experience with teachers in classrooms using the above technologies in daily teaching and learning activities.


Happening now

We can recycle your unwanted mobile devices. If you are a school in the Bay Area click here to learn more.

Crafting Your Vision™

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Your vision is our mission to craft engaging learning spaces with our integrated furniture and technology solutions.

Our Point of Difference is our 51 years of personalized service to K-12 education as a family-owned business for two generations.

We Are Project-based

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The project is the thing.

We sell our furniture and technology products not in an online shopping cart, but rather through our hands-on personalized services. The needs of the project determine the products and services selected.

We are nimble

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We are a small business quick to respond to our clients’ need to problem-solve.

We stay with you. Creating K-12 learning spaces with educators is our purpose, our collaboration, and our commitment to complete a project together with our clients.

California General Contractor Class B License #844527 DIR # 1000010955 C-61/D34 Prefabricated Equipment Contractor

Furniture & Technology Installers

Our Project Managers will work directly with you to schedule in and around your school day.


We work with professional painting contractors to provide you with painting samples and solutions.


We work closely with many certified low voltage Electricians in both northern and southern California.


We work with our flooring partners to provide commerical carpet and carpet square solutions for our school clients.


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