Privacy Pods

On campus, a student’s learning experience is profoundly influenced by their environment. Discover how privacy pods can effectively cater to their unique needs.

As school environments have evolved significantly over the years, privacy pods are revolutionizing educational spaces by striking a perfect balance between social interaction and on-demand private environments.

In K-12 education, a student’s surroundings have an enormous impact on their learning experience, motivation, and comfort.

Below, we share four ways that privacy pods can support student needs in K-12 spaces.

1. Pods Bring Quiet Spaces to Bustling Media Centers

In that energetic environment, individual privacy pods can recreate the experience of finding a quiet table in the back of the stacks, while still being in the middle of all the action. They give students a private space to finish their homework or crack open a book and get lost in a story.

2. Pods Support Confidential Counseling with Care

School counselors are integral to supporting students through these developments and any other challenges life throws their way. Research shows that a greater presence of counselors is correlated with healthier student behavior and better academic outcomes.

Large privacy structures designed for groups of two to six people offer dedicated spaces for one-on-one student-counselor meetings. In the event of a conflict between students, they provide a space where a counselor can mediate and students can talk through their feelings without being sent to the principal’s office.

3. Pods Offer Continuity for Individualized Learning

More than 7.2 million U.S. public school students receive individualized education services, not to mention the many private and charter school students who also do – or even the students who receive a little extra help in reading or math without a formalized plan.

Group-sized privacy structures can benefit students receiving one-on-one help from intervention teachers, who may not have their own classroom to teach in and typically move from room to room. They also create a designated, consistent environment, which fosters a better learning experience for both students and teachers.

4. Pods Better Serve Students with Sensory Needs

In the typical classroom, moments of complete silence are rare.

Neurodivergent students and students with sensory processing differences may find it difficult to focus in this type of environment. And all students can benefit from having an on-site quiet space where they can go to calm down if they’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.



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