Mobile Room Dividers

Mobile room dividers are a great way to quickly cordon off areas for collaborative study. They can enhance the classroom or study group’s preformance by providing dry erase white boards or beautiful fabric for tacking up plans and study notes. They also can provide sound dampening for each group so they can focus on the task at hand!

Divvy DOC Divider Spec Sheet

Divvy DOC Room Dividers

Divide, organize, customize, and now modernize. With ultra stylish multi-panel Divvy D.O.C. room dividers, you can add instant color and texture (and functional whiteboard) to any space, in a truly unique ready-to-roll room divider.

Mobile double-sided dividers include a variety of attractive and colorful surfaces to add style and function to any environment, while also offering privacy, acoustic shielding, and easy configuration.

Available in two standard configurations. Sized at 6’H x 6’W for maximum configuration flexibility. Panel measures 58″H x 70-1/4″W.

Panels are trimmed in specially designed anodized aluminum. Leg design minimizes gapping, and connectors are available to join panels at 90º or 180º angles. Locking casters keep the Divvy in place.

Your options for a custom Divvy D.O.C. are virtually limitless: choose from fabric, laminate, whiteboard, or tackboard surfaces. Go completely custom and get our design team to help create an amazing divider just for you!

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

Preschool Divider Spec Sheet

Preschool Room Dividers

Preschool Dividers are the ideal portable panel and room divider for any early childhood environment.

Use the versatile Preschool Dividers as room dividers, acoustical shields, storyboard displays, or to exhibit artwork. Join dividers together to create private learning areas, or to divide rooms into activity areas.

Available finished in easy to clean vinyl, or melamine dry erase surface in black anodized aluminum trim. Lightweight panel and wide base design create stability.

Panels include 2″ casters (two locking). Each panel is 18″D.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

DOC Glass Divider Spec Sheet

DOC Glass Room Dividers

Divide and conquer with style. Get all of the functionality of a D.O.C. with a sleek and modern magnetic glass surface.

Fresh modern style enhances creativity in your work environment. Pairing elegant magnetic glass whiteboard with a mobile aluminum frame, D.O.C. Glass Mobile Room Dividers allow you the freedom to divide, organize, and customize your space to fit your individual needs.

Modular panels move wherever needed to create whatever space is needed; locking swivel casters keep them in place. Two sizes available for maximum configuration flexibility: 6’H x 4’W or 6’H x 6’W

Double-sided in tempered safety glass to provide smooth writability and erasability. Glass is backed with steel to accept rare earth magnets.

Divider comes standard with gloss white glass, but you can customize the glass panel in a variety of ways to personalize your workspace, including color and graphic printing options.

Panels are trimmed in modern anodized aluminum to best enhance your environment.

Leg design minimizes gapping, and connectors are available to join panels at or 180º angles. Base includes locking casters.

Decorative kickplate is finished in your choice of laminates. Choose from one of our standard options or create a custom divider.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

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