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State of California Multiple Award Schedule

Contract # 4-21-09-1031

D&D is a Certified Small Business in the State of California (Certificate # 007342). Certification is through the California Small Business Administration. Contract term: 9/28/2021 – 08/23/2026. Please call us at 800-453-4195 for more information.

General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule

Contract # 47QSMA21D08R5

D&D is a GSA approved contractor. For a copy of the GSA contract, including current GSA price lists, terms and conditions, please call us at 800-453-4195 or visit GSA Advantage. Contract term: 8/24/21 – 8/23/26. D&D is a certified small business.

Los Angeles Unified School District Furniture Contract

Contract # 4400006549

This “piggybackable” contract (Bid No. IFB 2000001557 (C-275) covers furniture and technology support products. The contract term has been extended and is now valid through June 30, 2023. For more information about our LAUSD contract call us at 800-453-4195.

National Cooperative Puchasing Alliance

Contract # (Various – See Below)

This national contract is for K-12 (public and private), Higher Education (public and private) throughout the US, city-county-government entities, and non-profit organizations. Contracts include: Bretford (Contract # 07-21), Kimball Furniture (Contract # 07-35), Promethean (Contract # 01-10) and ACER (Contract # 01-97). Call 800-453-4195 for more information.

Contract # (Various – see below)

With more than two million products under contract, the PEPPM technology purchasing cooperative is the nation’s most comprehensive source for public agencies to research and procure technology brands that meet their own local standards. Contracts include: Wisconsin Bench Mfg. (Contract # 535122-200), and Promethean (Contract # 535122-144) are both valid until 12/31/25. Please contact D&D at 800-453-4195 for more information or visit peppm.org.

Contract # (Various – see below)

OMNIA Partners offers the most robust portfolio of high-quality cooperative contracts in the public procurement space. Participation gives your agency or institution access to all of our products, services and public sector procurement solutions so that you and your organization can achieve your strategic goals. Contracts include: National (Contract # R19181), VS America (Contract # R191818) and Kimball (Contract # 2019001896). Please contact D&D at 800-453-4195 for more information

Contract # OETC-19I (Interactive Displays) – Promethean

The Oregon Educational Technology Consortium is a nonprofit group of schools, universities and libraries united under the common belief that everyone should have access to the tools for a great education. With more than 1,000,000 educational technology products under RFP-backed contract, OETC can help you find, buy and implement tech that makes a difference. Contract valid through 10/21/2023. Please contact D&D at 800-453-4195 for more information.

Contract # RFP 22-17 – Outdoor, Office and Classroom Furniture

This piggybackable contract through the San Bernardino Unified School district is available to all California LEA’s. The contract includes some of our most popular lines such as AmTab, Carpets 4 Kids, Kimball, National, MooreCo, Paragon, Wisconsin Bench and our MDL Series of mobile device charging lockers. Contract valid through 1/16/2024 with optional extensions through 2027. Please contact D&D at 800-453-4195 for more information.

Contract # 210305 Furniture, Furnishings & Services – Wisconsin Bench

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is based in Pittsburg, Texas and is a national purchasing consortsium for governmental and quasi-governmental agencies in the USA. This contract is valid until from 1/17/23 through 1/16/24 with the option of 4 one year renewals extensions for a maximum of 5 years. Please contact D&D at 800-453-4195 for more information.

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