Learning Spaces Inspiration • Esports

D&D Middle School Esports Design

Project Description

This Esports inspirational mock-up render uses furniture from Wisconsin Bench, Fomcore, Kimball, and Lemberi Esports Chairs.

Central to the design is the five gaming console two-tier soft sofas in the front backed with counter-height tables with cafe stools. This setup allows four students, two in front and two in back to work together as a gaming group.

In the center of the room, there are 3 square tables for sitting. Also in the the center of the room is a teacher station. On the other side of the room is three pneumatic Height adjustable tables for sit and stand game play or game design work with desktop computers. 

Lastly, there is a sixth gaming console station for four students using soft 18″ ottoman stools. The ottoman stools can easily be moved in this tighter space. 

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