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by | Jul 18, 2022

When I was in school in the 1960’s and 70’s, most of my K-12 teachers had their desk in the front corner of the room. These desks were made out of solid wood and had anchored many a school year.  When the teacher was not teaching at the front chalkboard, or at the overhead projector, she would most likely be navigating the class from her desk.

Speaking of the overhead projector, it was really the first “interactive” AV equipment in the classroom as it allowed teachers to present their own acetate transparencies of basically any lined drawing or text. As a visual learner, I just loved images used in class whether they be transparency illustrations to help me learn concepts, or educational filmstrips and movies. I always volunteered to thread and operate the filmstrips or 16mm film projectors and sit next to the projector to troubleshoot film jams. I had that job locked down in 4th grade.

Years later as an Educational Technology Resource Teacher for San Diego Unified School District, I participated with colleagues into developing a classroom digital presentation station. This system evolved in the 1990’s and early 2000’s including, a teacher desktop computer connected to a video projector on an AV cart (positioned in the middle of the room) and projected onto the old overhead projector screen from the 70’s and 80’s.

In the 21st century with mobile devices like laptops and tablets, teachers were able to take this a giant step further in that we could actually include students in “interactive activities” all using technology.

In the early 2000’s when Interactive Whiteboards entered the scene, I developed a complete multimedia digital presentation station for schools where we could mount the video projector on the whiteboard stand. This was a game changer because we could put all the wiring in the front of the class, close to the wall, and away from the middle of the action in the classroom.

From the wall, we then could connect the interactive whiteboard located in the front center of the room and the audio system to a media table most often located several feet away in the front corner of the room. The location of this media table became the “new” teacher desk as the majority of the “old” teacher desks eventually were removed from the classroom.

The shift had happened. Schools integrated the laptops, interactive whiteboard, and projection system to the teacher’s new desk. We called the desk, the “Presentation Station” because not only could the teacher present, but students could come up directly to use the interactive whiteboard, or use the presentation station with their student mobile device to also present to the class.

I took the two pictures above here around 2009, where we integrated the following items to make our district standard presentation station.

  1. Custom Bretford Table 24″x48.”
  2. The table legs were screwed to a fixed standing height so the teacher could stand or sit in a height-adjustable stool.
  3. A document camera was mounted on the white laminate table which served as a neutral color balance for the doc cam.
  4. The table also had a wire management tray underneath to hold a power strip and connect all the tethered wires to the ceiling projector, interactive whiteboard, wall power, DVD player, and classroom audio and wireless microphone system.

The vendor who helped me design the custom presentation station teacher desk, even included a drilled hole to secure the doc cam with their lock-down kit, was none other than D&D.

As always, technology keeps moving forward as the Interactive Whiteboard (or IWB) has now evolved into a LED Promethean Interactive Display with up to an 86″ diagonal size eliminating the need for a video projector altogether and servicing replacement lamps.

At D&D Learning Spaces we are a K-12 furniture and AV vendor with system integration services. We would like to introduce our newest presentation station table that takes the next step in providing teachers with a pneumatic self-height adjustable table.

D&D’s Mobile Presentation Station – 24″ D x 48″ W

KI Impress Stool-Jaunt_Soiree
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  • KI Pirouette 29″ – 44″ Self-height adjustable pneumatic lever table 
  • White matte high pressure laminate top designed for doc cam color correction
  • Two grommet holes – One for the teacher laptop, and a second one for a doc cam for example.
  • Metal Modesty panel
  • Under-surface mounted power bar with 2 power outlets and 2 USB Ports 
  • Easy access under-surface wire management trough
  • Utility pull-out drawer
  • Dual column steel tubing frame
  • 4 dual wheel locking casters
  • Metal Finish colors: Metallic Silver or Black

The Essential Teacher Task Stool

The Office Master BC-47 Teacher Task Stool is our go to height-adjustable chair used for sitting or standing at the Mobile Presentation Station. This product features:

  • Fabric Black Vinyl – Grade 3 3P30 Noir
  • Seat Height  23-33″
  • Casters Hard or Soft
  • Overall Height  42-55″
  • Warranty  7 year limited

    The flexible classroom begins with dynamic furniture.

    By providing self-height adjusting furniture with casters teachers have more options in creating an enticing learning space for students that is both mobile and modular.

    Look to D&D Learning Spaces to help districts and schools design their own multimedia presentation system for students and staff and provide the integration services to put it all together!

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    Doug McIntosh was a 35 year K-12 teacher and resource teacher in special and general education. In 2014, he started Groupwerk® an educational consulting business collaborating with schools and vendors to craft engaging learning spaces. As a designer, Doug advocates for the 21st century transformation of a school's three most common learning spaces from: classrooms to learning studios; libraries to learning commons; and labs to makerspaces. In 2022, he joined the D&D team as their Learning Environment Designer, combining his passion and experience in the K-12 integration of learning design, physical space design, and digital space design in D&D’s projects.


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